Stop taxpayer-funded handouts to state-owned airlines. Prevent foreign airlines, like NAI, from scheming their way into the U.S. And support the men and women who make your safety priority one. Join the fight!

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Save Our Skies (SOS) is a national campaign advocating for policies that protect U.S. aviation jobs and the future of the U.S. aviation industry – which are at risk in a global marketplace that favors foreign, state-owned airlines. These airlines, most of which are provided unlimited cash and cheap fuel by their governments, are scheming their way into U.S. markets – thus taking routes and business away from U.S. carriers. On top of that, our very own U.S. government regularly provides taxpayer-funded handouts to these foreign airlines who simply do not need the money. SOS attracts and engages people from across the nation who support a level playing field for the U.S. aviation industry.

I've lost my job once in this industry, and I don't want to lose it again.- Steve Jangelis, Orlando Pilot

A Vital Piece of the American Economy

The U.S. airline industry directly supports more than half a million jobs across the country. Losing international routes to state-owned foreign carriers will eliminate tens of thousands of jobs for American pilots, flight attendants, and mechanics.

U.S. Taxpayers Are Propping Up Foreign Airlines

When the U.S. government provides handouts to state-owned foreign carriers, it is choosing foreign companies over its own airline industry. When the U.S. government opens a customs and immigration preclearance facility in a country where U.S. airline pilots don't fly, it is choosing foreign airlines over its own airline industry. Not a single U.S. tax dollar should support resources and staffing at a foreign airport when it could help streamline security here at home.

Foreign Competitors Play with a Stacked Deck

State-owned foreign carriers, who are increasing their footprint in the U.S. marketplace, are not subject to U.S. regulation, taxes, labor laws, or safety standards. U.S. carriers are not eligible for the U.S. taxpayer-funded handouts provided to state-owned foreign carriers.

  • A
    Prohibit collective voice for airline employees
  • A
    Safety agency (the government) is the same as the airline (the government)
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    Access to unlimited funds from home governments
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    Are eligible for U.S. taxpayer-funded subsidies not available to U.S. carriers


  • NAI LetterKlobuchar/CoatsAugust 4, 2014
    Senators Klobuchar and Coats send a letter to President Obama, reiterating to him that NAI’s requests raise serious concern
  • NAI LetterPelosiAugust 1
    Democratic Leader Pelosi writes to Secretary Foxx, urging the US DOT to oppose NAI's requests
  • Fact Sheet ALPAJuly 16
    ALPA addresses how the Export-Import Bank harms U.S. aviation workers
  • NAI LetterUS SenateJune 2
    38 members of the US Senate sent the Secretary of Transportation a letter expressing serious concern over NAI


  • Level Playing FieldSeptember 2
    ALPA Pilots Commend DOT Rejection of NAI Scheme
  • Pilot Pay ShortageJuly 31
    As Congress Flies Home, Regional Pilot Starting Pay Remains Rock-Bottom
  • Transparent AirfareJuly 28
    ALPA Applauds House Actions to Restore Airfare Transparency
  • Ex-Im BankJune 25
    ALPA to Congress: Ex-Im Bank’s Financing Threatens U.S. Airline Jobs
  • Bipartisan SupportJune 2
    ALPA Commends GOP Lawmakers’ Call for DOT to Deny NAI